Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wedding Mini Album

I made this wedding album for my son and daughter in law. I used Treasure Box Designs
 "Wedding Collection" Pattern

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Love is in the air
A Valentines card I made using Fuzzy Kisses & Chocolate Wishes Pattern
Fuzzy Kisses

Here are a few pattern I have made with Treasure Box Designs 


Road Trip

Once Upon a Potty

                                                                       By The Sea
Text For Love 

I made this for a special little girl for her birthday using "Snow Faries" and "Fantasy Collection" 
form Treasure Box Designs

With the anticipation of our 7th grandchild coming in May,we were hoping for a girl!
Well we found out we will be blessed with a beautiful baby boy! Back to the drawing board.
 This file is "A New Beginning" from Treasure Box Designs

I am now a member of the Treasure Box Design Team!

I am thrilled to be apart of Treasure Box Designs! Here is my first project! "Mudding" pattern. My boys love to ride their quads through the mud. This is a perfect pattern to create to show off their toys.